Anteo Diagnostics to Acquire DIAsource ImmunoAssays

August 28, 2015

Australia-based Anteo Diagnostics has announced that it will acquire DIAsource ImmunoAssays, a Belgian global specialty diagnostics company, for around $17.3 million.

DIAsource is a provider of clinical diagnostics products in the fields of endocrinology, specifically bone metabolism, fertility, cardiovascular and oncology.

The transaction will give Anteo access  to  a  large  manufacturing  capability,  which  will  provide a platform  to manufacture products  at scale. DIAsource has a fully IVD certified production facility to manufacture its complete catalogue of antibodies, ELISA  and  RIA  assays.

Anteo is a developer of products for the life sciences, in-vitro diagnostics, point of care, medical devices and bioseparations markets. —Michael Cipriano