OIC Launches Intramedullary Hip Nail System

January 26, 2016

The Orthopaedic Implant Company has launched its intramedullary hip nail system.

The system consists of short and long nails with a preloaded cannulated set screw, 10.5mm lag screws, and 5.0mm cross-lock screws.

The long nails feature a 1 meter bow for better anatomic fit. The system is designed to achieve optimal stability upon fracture reduction and fixation, while a full carbon-fiber targeter provides for unobstructed views under fluoroscopy, OIC says.

The hip nail system has been created in response to the U.S. healthcare system’s demand for better value to ensure its sustainability and uncompromising clinical outcomes, says Todd Martens, the company's vice president of product design and development, in a statement. — Jonathon Shacat