Australia Recalls Rehab Assist’s Carry Bars for C-Series Ceiling Hoists

September 30, 2016

Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration is recalling Rehab Assist’s carry bars used with its C-Series ceiling hoists due to the potential for a plastic attachment swivel to break.

Ceiling hoists are used to help lift and move patients with limited mobility. They involve a track attached to the ceiling from which a carry bar is suspended, and the patient is moved via a sling hung from the carry bar.

Some C-Series carry bars are attached to the track using a plastic swivel, which could separate from the carry bar, resulting in a patient fall.  There have been nine incidents worldwide in which the plastic swivel mechanism has been reported as damaged.

Read the notice here: www.fdanews.com/09-22-16-Ausrecall.pdf.

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