NuVasive Receives FDA Clearance for Cervical Interbody Implant System Used in More Than Two Levels

March 29, 2017

San Diego–based NuVasive has been granted FDA marketing clearance for its CoRoent small interbody system indicated for intervertebral body fusion at multiple contiguous levels in the cervical spine.

The device is an interbody cage manufactured from PEEK-Optima that stabilizes the spine while fusion takes place. A hollow core allows for packing of autogenous and/or allogeneic bone graft to help promote a solid fusion.

Rows of teeth on the surface of each end of the device serve to grip the adjacent vertebrae to resist migration and expulsion of the device. The device includes marker pins composed of titanium alloy or tantalum.

The implants included in the marketing clearance are CoRoent small, CoRoent small lordotic, CoRoent small lordotic plus, CoRoent small hyperlordotic and CoRoent small contoured. — Cynthia Jessup

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