Gottlieb Questioned by Lawmakers About the Trump Budget’s Impact on FDA

May 30, 2017

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb pitched the agency’s proposed fiscal 2018 budget to House appropriators on Capitol Hill last week, as industry and other stakeholders voice their concerns over the impact of the administration’s proposal.

The proposed $5.1 billion fiscal 2018 FDA budget would cut the agency’s taxpayer-funded budget authority by $854 million and make up for it by dramatically increasing industry-paid user fees—a move FDA and drug industry experts say would harm the agency.

The proposed budget shift would leave the FDA “significantly underfunded” and having to make difficult choices among equally important public health priorities, said Kristin Stephenson, vice president of the Alliance for a Stronger FDA, who also serves as vice president of policy and advocacy at the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

“Although we appreciate that the President wants to increase the total amount of funding for the FDA, we do not think it is appropriate or feasible to lessen taxpayer financing of the agency’s programs,” said Ladd Wiley, executive director of the Alliance.

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