PhRMA Hits FDA for ‘Unnecessary’ Prescription Drug Advertising Research

August 18, 2017

The FDA’s proposal to analyze the effect of prescription drug advertising is unnecessary and vague, according to PhRMA.

In June, the agency proposed an information collection on the topic, focused on consumers who are low users or non-users of the internet. In its comments, PhRMA wrote that the proposal lacks a “clear, overarching research agenda” or a sufficient explanation for how the research would improve public health.

The agency overlooks existing research demonstrating just how widespread such technology is, PhRMA said. The agency also fails to acknowledge that older adults — with or without Internet access — tend to rely on others, including family and health care personnel, for drug information, the industry group said.

PhRMA urged the agency to publish a thorough list of advertising and promotion studies conducted over the last five years and to develop a detailed agenda for its research priorities.

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