Feds Due More Than $325,000 From Nevada Medicaid Drug Buys, Report Says

September 22, 2017

The state of Nevada should collect more than $325,000 from drug companies for unclaimed rebates on drug sales to Medicaid patients in managed-care organizations and turn that money over to the federal government, the HHS inspector general said.

The state has estimated that it did not bill for rebates totaling $520,137 for sales of physician-administered and pharmacy drugs eligible for rebates, with $327,624 representing the federal share of that amount, the IG’s report said.

The state also did not bill for rebates for nearly 20,000 claim lines in the same category, the IG said. Because of insufficient information to determine the rebates represented by those lines, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services should investigate to figure out the amount and how much should go to the federal government, the report said.

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