Shire Sues Allergan, Claiming Illegal Anti-Competitive Practices for Restasis

October 4, 2017

Shire accused Allergan of illegally blocking competition for its dry-eye drug Restasis in a lawsuit filed this week.

In the complaint, Shire claimed the drugmaker used practices including coercion, interference, exclusive dealing and bundled discounts to prevent Shire from competing on the Medicare Part D market. Restasis sales totaled $676.4 million between January and June of 2017, compared to only $96 million for Shire’s dry-eye product Xiidra.

The lawsuit comes in the wake of a deal between Allergan and the St. Regis Mohawk Native American tribe to license its Restasis patents. Last week, four Democratic senators called for an investigation into the arrangement and its potential anti-competitive implications.

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