EU Reports on Review of Potential Post-Brexit Homes for EMA

October 5, 2017

The European Commission has released its assessment of the 19 cities vying to host the European Medicines Agency once the EMA vacates its London headquarters post-Brexit.

The assessment does not rank the 19 candidate sites, but includes comments on the physical facilities on offer, transportation accessibility, schools, the job market, health care and effect on continuous EMA operation for each of the candidate sites.

The 19 candidates are: Amsterdam; Athens, Greece; Barcelona, Spain; Bonn, Germany; Bratislava, Slovakia; Brussels; Bucharest, Romania; Copenhagen, Denmark; Dublin; Helsinki; Lille, France; the country of Malta; Milan; Porto, Portugal; Sofia, Bulgaria; Stockholm; Vienna; Warsaw, Poland; and Zagreb, Croatia.

In the results of a survey released last month, five cities generated responses indicating that at least 65 percent of staffers would move with the EMA to its new home — enough so that the agency’s high-priority activities would not be affected, though medium- and low-priority activities would be. The cities were not named by the EU, but media accounts identified them as Amsterdam, Barcelona, Vienna, Milan and Copenhagen.

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