Vivli Beta Tests Clinical Trial Data-Sharing Platform

April 17, 2018

Moves to increase clinical trial data transparency gathered momentum this week with the release by Vivli of the beta version of its clinical trial data-sharing platform to the public prior its full rollout on July 19.

The Vivli platform offers clinical researchers a way to store, request and analyze anonymized, secure clinical trial data with built-in privacy protections. Vivli promises to “host data for stakeholders that do not have the ability to do so, enable interoperability of data from multiple sources, coordinate and integrate existing data-sharing initiatives.”

Johnson & Johnson is one of the companies feeding data into the new Vivli platform. “We hope that new platforms, such as that being created by Vivli, will lead to a broadening of engagement by other stakeholders in the R&D ecosystem,” said J&J’s Chief Medical Officer Joanne Waldstreicher.

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