India to Expand Price Caps on Medical Devices

May 7, 2018

Despite ongoing pressure from the United States, Indian officials said they plan to cap prices for an increasing number of medical devices.

In September 2017, the U.S. Trade Representative urged India not to expand existing price controls to include additional medical devices. However, Indian officials told the USTR last month they would not to make such a commitment, Reuters reported.

The initial price caps, imposed in February 2017, capped prices of some high-end heart stents at less than $450. The same devices cost $3,000 prior to the introduction of the caps.

The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority is considering caps on three additional devices used to surgically treat heart conditions, saying in a February 26 letter to the country’s health ministry that the three devices—cardiac balloons, catheters and guide-wires—sometimes cost more than the stent itself.

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