Australia Forges Ties to Focus on Custom Devices

May 7, 2018

The Australian Research Council is launching a new research hub to focus on advanced manufacturing for medical devices.

The ARC Research Hub for Advanced Manufacturing of Medical Devices will be located at the University of Queensland and will look for opportunities to optimize designs of existing customized devices and investigate new ways to improve clinical outcomes.

The research hub’s overall goal is to transform Australia’s medical technology sector by developing cost competitive technologies, particularly customized devices tailored to individual patients.

ARC CEO Sue Thomas said the research hub will make the production of devices like endovascular stent grafts better, faster and more efficient.

ARC will commit AUS$2.8 million over five years for the research hub through its Industrial Transformation Research Program which brings together academic researchers and industry to solve specific challenges including for advanced manufacturing, cybersecurity, medical technologies and pharmaceuticals.

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