Nonprofit Generic Drugmaker Plans 2019 Rollout, Adds 12 Members

January 11, 2019

Civica Rx — the nonprofit drug company created by hospital groups to help deal with high generic drug prices and shortages — announced that it’s on track to launch more than 14 hospital-administered generic drugs this year and has added 12 new member groups representing 250 hospitals.

Civica still needs approval from the FDA for manufacturing or sub-contracting, but tells FDAnews that the ongoing government shutdown is unlikely to delay its plans.

“We have many interim steps that we are actively working through but that we expect will take us months to put into place (we expect to bring our drugs to market in the 2nd half of 2019),” says Civica Rx Chief Commercial Officer Heather Wall. If the government shutdown does not stretch into months, there will not be “a significant delay in bringing drugs to our health care systems,” she says.

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