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Eli Lilly Launches Half-Priced Insulin in Response to Criticism Over Cost

May 29, 2019

Eli Lilly’s lower-cost generic of its blockbuster insulin drug Humalog (insulin lispro) hit pharmacies last week following months of heat from both Congress and the White House over high insulin drug prices.

The newly launched product, Insulin Lispro Injection, comes at half the cost of the brand name drug, with a price tag of $137.35 per vial and $265.20 per package of five injector pens. Lilly announced its intent to release a generic form of Humalog in March and said it was working with payers to gain extensive coverage for the medicine.

The generic “adds to our suite of solutions that help significantly lower the amount people pay until a more sustainable solution is achieved," said Mike Mason, Eli Lilly’s senior vice president for “connected care” and insulins.

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