Sanofi, Google Team Up on Real-World Database

June 26, 2019

Sanofi is getting into Big Data in a big way, teaming up with Internet giant Google on a real-world database that both companies hope will “radically transform” the way drugs are developed and delivered.

The companies have agreed to create what they’re calling a virtual “innovation lab.” Sanofi is handing over its massive, real-world database and Google is supplying the tech muscle to make it work.

“The collaboration aims to change how Sanofi develops new treatments and will focus on three key objectives: to better understand patients and diseases, to increase Sanofi’s operational efficiency and to improve the experience of Sanofi’s patients and customers,” the companies said in a joint statement.

Under the deal, Sanofi will hand over its business applications to Google’s cloud platform, which the companies hope will speed up the drugmakers’ operations.

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