Fujifilm Seeks Approval for Avigan as COVID-19 Treatment

October 20, 2020

Fujifilm has filed for approval of its influenza drug Avigan (favipiravir) in Japan for treatment of COVID-19 patients, after the antiviral showed promise in a phase 3 trial.

The Japanese study evaluated the drug in 156 COVID-19 patients with nonsevere pneumonia. Patients treated with Avigan showed improvement after 11.9 days, compared to 14.6 days for the placebo group.

Fujifilm has partnered with India’s Dr. Reddy’s and Dubai-based Global Response Aid (GRA) to distribute Avigan as a coronavirus treatment. Under the agreement, Dr. Reddy’s and GRA will have exclusive rights to manufacture, sell and distribute Avigan globally except in Japan, China and Russia.

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