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Moderna Will Ship 100 Million Vaccine Doses by End of May

February 18, 2021

Moderna announced that it expects to deliver its second batch of 100 million COVID-19 vaccine doses to the U.S. government faster than expected, with the shipment now set to be completed by the end of May.

The drugmaker had previously expected to deliver the second round of vaccine shots by the end of June but has moved its delivery date forward one month. The shipment will be followed by an additional 100 million doses by the end of July, the company said.

Moderna expects to finish delivering the first 100 million shots ordered by the federal government by the end of March, and to date has supplied 45.4 million doses to the U.S. The company said an additional 33.2 million doses have been filled in vials and are in various stages of final production and testing before they’re released.

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