UK Clamps Down on Lack of Transparency in Trials

September 23, 2021

The UK’s Health Research Authority (HRA) has put trial results reporting in its crosshairs after prompting from UK lawmakers, making it clear that it expects researchers to explain how they met their transparency obligations at the end of their trials.

As of Sept. 15, researchers are now required to make an online submission to the HRA at the conclusion of their trials, describing how they fulfilled transparency requirements. They will also be expected to file a lay summary of their trial findings, which the authority will publicly post on its website.

One of the most important obligations for researchers seeking UK clinical trial approval is to determine from the start how they will disseminate their study results publicly, as well as how they will share that information with participants. Upon receiving approval, they are then charged with submitting a final report no later than one year after the study has ended.

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