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Eli Lilly Lowers Price of Insulin Again

September 30, 2021

Eli Lilly has announced that it will drop the list price of its Insulin Lispro Injection by 40 percent in the U.S. as of Jan. 1, bringing the drug’s list price down to 2008 levels.

The move would bring down the price of Insulin Lispro Injection to $82.41 for individual vials and $159.12 for a pack of five pens.  This, the company said, is 70 percent less than the Lispro injection’s Humalog U-100 competitors.

“We hope this additional 40 percent cut can expand affordable insulin to more people with diabetes,” said David Ricks, Lilly’s chairman and CEO.

Lilly said most people using Insulin Lispro Injection are unlikely to see a change in what they pay for their monthly prescription because they have fixed insurance co-pays or already use one of Lilly’s affordability programs. The greatest benefit, the company said, will be seen by people who face higher out-of-pocket costs, such as those without insurance and those with high deductible plans or co-insurance.

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