Novartis to Invest $300 Million in Next-Generation Biotherapeutics Capabilities

September 13, 2022

Novartis said it will invest $300 million in next-generation biotherapeutics with the creation of a “scientific environment” to bolster capacity and capabilities for early technical development of biologics.

The company said the multi-year investment will be implemented across existing Novartis locations in Switzerland, Slovenia and Austria, strengthening the company’s ability to deliver on the increasing growth and diversity of its early-stage biotherapeutics portfolio.

Novartis said $100 million will be invested in the establishment of a biologics hub in Switzerland. The company will also invest $110 million in clinical manufacturing capabilities and technical development capabilities in Slovenia, and $60 million in development manufacturing capacity and capabilities in Austria.

Biotherapeutics, the company said, account for almost half of all recent new drug approvals.

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