KA Imaging Gains CE Mark for Reveal 35C

November 10, 2022

Canada-based KA Imaging has received CE mark certification for its Reveal 35C portable dual energy x-ray detector that can differentiate between bone and soft tissue.

Dual energy x-ray, also known as absorptiometry, measures bone density using two x-ray beams with different energy levels. When soft tissue absorption is subtracted, the bone mineral density can be determined.

The flat panel detector can also be used to help diagnose pulmonary health issues including tuberculosis, lung cancer, COPD, pneumonia and COVID-19. The x-ray detector can acquire three images simultaneously, covering digital radiography, bone and soft tissue images.

Reveal 35C uses spectral imaging to enhance visualization of abnormalities such as indeterminate lung nodules, coronary calcium, pneumonia, tips of lines and tubes, pneumothorax, in-dwelling devices and retained surgical bodies, the company said. 

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