Promosome Sues Moderna, Pfizer Over COVID-19 Patent Infringement

June 9, 2023

Biotech firm Promosome is the latest company to sue big pharma for infringing on its patent for messenger RNA (mRNA) technology during the rush to develop a COVID-19 vaccine, claiming in separate filings that Moderna and Pfizer reaped enormous profits using Promosome research.

Promosome filed the suits Tuesday in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California, alleging in both suits that Promosome had disclosed its “patented method for increasing mRNA protein expression” to both companies and neither company had licensed the patented method.

“Years later, Moderna developed a COVID-19 vaccine generating tens-of-billions in revenue for the company. And when the sequence used in its mRNA was revealed, it became clear that Moderna had simply taken Promosome’s patented method,” the complaint against Moderna states.

In the complaint against Pfizer, Promosome states that “the sequence underlying Defendants’ COVID-19 vaccine tells a clear story: Defendants used the method of the [Promosome] Patent in their COVID-19 vaccine.” — Karen Early

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