Stolen Defective Medtronic Laryngoscopes Recall Deemed Class I Recall

November 16, 2023

Stolen defective laryngoscopes offered for sale on Facebook Marketplace are now part of a manufacturer recall the FDA has deemed as class I, the most serious type of recall as use of the device could result in injuries or death.

Covidien, a division of Medtronic and the manufacturer of the McGrath MAC Video laryngoscope, reported on Sept. 27 in a public notification that the stolen “affected products did not pass Medtronic’s rigorous quality tests established for the product, were not released for sale, distribution, or importation and were designated for destruction. These affected products are defective and should not be used.”

All the defects and failure modes are not known because the devices were stolen as scrap, the FDA said. “As such, it is not possible to rule out the major failure modes that may lead to inadequate airway support, cardiopulmonary arrest, and death,” the agency wrote.

Read more about the affected devices here.

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