FDA Cracks Down on Fake Diabetes/Weight Loss Drugs in Warning Letters

February 16, 2024

Two online marketers of semaglutide (Wegovy/Ozempic) and tirzepatide (Mounjaro) received FDA warning letters for selling the unapproved, untested drugs to consumers through their websites.

The letter to US Chemlabs of New Castle, Del., whose website says it offers “highly purified peptides at near wholesale” also references sales of thymalin, which is used to treat immune dysfunction conditions. Synthetix’s FDA warning letter says the company markets the products “for ‘research use only’ and ‘not for human consumption’” but that “evidence obtained from your website establishes that your products are intended to be drugs for human use.”

Other purveyors of knock-off semaglutide are being shut down, with Novo Nordisk announcing settlements with two clinic/spa facilities being forced to cease selling unapproved versions of that company’s semaglutide products and warn their customers of the dangers of using unapproved drugs.

Read the Synthetix warning letter here.

Read the US Chemlabs warning letter here.

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