MIV Therapeutics Completes Acquisition of SagaX

March 21, 2005

MIV Therapeutics (MIVT), a developer of next-generation biocompatible coatings and drug delivery technologies, has executed an agreement to acquire SagaX Medical Technologies, a company developing a range of proprietary solutions that decrease the likelihood of strokes and other complications from cardiac procedures as well as naturally occurring cardioembolic strokes.

SagaX, a privately held Delaware company, is developing a proprietary Aortic Embolic Protection Device (AEPD) and other related devices at its R&D center in Herzliya, Israel. The AEPD filters the blood in the aorta, capturing embolic particles that originate in the heart and are released during heart surgery and other invasive cardiology procedures. This filtration prevents the embolic particles from traveling upstream in the direction of the patient's brain.

MIVT believes the SagaX embolic protection device will be particularly useful during invasive heart procedures such as electrophysiology, valve dilatations and valve repair through angioplasty.