Remune Selected for HIV Clinical Trial Sponsored by NIH

March 29, 2005

The Immune Response Corporation's lead HIV product candidate, Remune, will be included in a clinical trial funded by the NIH.

The NIH trial is designed to study antiretroviral (ARV) therapy alone versus ARV therapy with a therapeutic HIV immunization, Remune (gp120-depleted HIV-1 immunogen), in recently HIV-infected people. The study is expected to provide important information about the development of HIV disease and the protective role the immune system might play against HIV disease.

Remune is an immune-based therapy in development to treat individuals infected by HIV. Remune is different from currently available ARV therapies since it is designed to stimulate an HIV-infected individual's immune system to attack HIV.

The company believes results of previous clinical trials demonstrate that Remune boosts HIV-specific immune responses and has the potential to slow the progression of HIV infection when used alone or in conjunction with antiretroviral therapy. Furthermore, the company believes Remune stimulates the production of specific immune system modulators (cytokines and chemokines) that naturally protect components of the immune system from HIV infection.