Xenomics Files Italian National Patent on Testing Technology

April 4, 2005

Xenomics, a developer of next-generation medical DNA technologies, has filed a provisional patent in Italy for its technology enabling the detection of Transrenal-DNA of HIV and tuberculosis through the safe and non-invasive process of urine sampling.

The Italian patent application, which paves the way for the filing of European and American patents, represents the company's latest step in its business strategy to aggressively expand and protect its intellectual property portfolio. The company believes this application of its patented technology development platform may enable the creation of more sensitive and accurate medical testing methods that can be conducted through the simple, safe and relatively inexpensive diagnostic processes based on urine specimens.

The technology also provides breakthrough ability to simultaneously detect both HIV and tuberculosis, a common co-infection in AIDS patients, with a single urine sample, and may hold important implications for the detection and treatment of residual HIV infections. Because the technology was developed in Italy, international patent regulations require that the patent be initially filed in that country where the discovery was made. The initial filing will lead to the filing of the broader European patent, and then to the U.S. patent.