Laerdal Announces Cable Recall for Certain Defibrillators

April 29, 2005

Laerdal Medical is voluntarily recalling all lots of CodeMaster 100-Heartstart Adapter Cable, Cat. No. 920650, because wires within the defibrillator adapter cables are susceptible to breakage.

The recall involves more than 3,000 defibrillator adapter cables, sold nationwide since 1996, after receiving reports that broken wires in the cables prevented delivery of shocks to patients. The company said that consumers should stop using the CodeMaster 100-HeartStart Adapter Cables, which went out of production last year. The product was sold as an accessory to most CodeMaster 100 defibrillators that Laerdal distributed, and as an optional addition to Laerdal HeartStart 4000 automated external defibrillators.

The cables allow Laerdal HeartStart brand defibrillation electrodes with snap connector -- which go on the patient -- to be used with the following defibrillators: HP/Agilent/Philips CodeMaster 100 and CodeMaster SL+/XL/XE; Laerdal Heartstart 4000; and Philips HeartStart XLT, HeartStart XL and HeartStart MRx. The 26-inch long, Y-shaped black cables bear the number 281-132-00 on a white label.

Laerdal is contacting the emergency healthcare providers that purchased the cables. The company can be contacted by email at customerservice@laerdal.com (mailto:customerservice@laerdal.com) or by phone at (877) 523-7325.