Scolr Pharma Initiates CDT-Raloxifene Pilot Testing

May 25, 2005

Scolr Pharma has initiated pilot bioavailability testing in Canada of its controlled delivery technology (CDT) raloxifene tablets.

This testing is intended to support a larger scale study planned for later this year as part of the U.S. regulatory approval process. Scolr Pharma received authorization from the Therapeutic Products Directorate, Health Canada, for its clinical trial application to commence a 20 subject, randomized five-way crossover, open-label, fasting trial comparing three formulations of its CDT-based raloxifene to two controls.

SCOLR Pharma previously reported a successful animal evaluation of a CDT-raloxifene formulation utilizing its patented amino acid technology. That evaluation showed a significant increase in the total bioavailability with its novel CDT formulation for raloxifene as compared with the controls in the study.