Groups Agree to Promote India-Made Medical Devices

May 8, 2015

In a new initiative that could be a game changer for local industry, Indian devicemakers and a group representing doctors have agreed to collaborate on promoting the use of homegrown medical devices.

The Indian Medical Association says it will encourage physicians to use India-made devices that it approves based on stringent internationally accepted quality parameters.

The Association of Indian Medical Device Industry reached the agreement in a memorandum of understanding signed late last month with the Indian Medical Association. The initiative, known as Cure in India, will help reduce the country’s huge import dependency in the sector while encouraging exports, says Rajiv Nath, AIMED’s forum coordinator.

Nath says the MOU will also help to address current inequities where insurers and purchasing organizations restrict market access to homegrown Indian brands by insisting on U.S. FDA-approved products. Most Indian brands wouldn’t have FDA approval as the U.S. is not their primary market, he says. — Jonathon Shacat