March 6, 2006

Greer has reported the results of Phase I safety and dosing trials for the sublingual-oral immunotherapy administration of its standardized dust mite, short ragweed, Timothy grass and cat hair extracts at the American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology annual meeting in Miami, Fla.

During the trials, more than 4,500 doses of sublingual-oral immunotherapy were administered over an eight-week treatment course to 91 adult participants aged 18 to 50. All subjects had a history of perennial allergic rhinitis. Approximately 30 percent of study participants also had asthma, which in the past has proven to be a challenging population to treat with allergy immunotherapy.

The maximum tolerable dose (MTD) was determined by administering up to seven incremental, escalating doses 15 minutes apart in a physician's office using a metered dosing device specifically selected for these trials. The MTD was defined as the dose that elicited definite awareness of one or more symptoms that were bothersome but tolerable to the participant. Once the MTD was reached, participants self-administered doses at home and returned to the trial site every two weeks for evaluation and dose-adjustment.