May 8, 2006

Transition Therapeutics has announced today that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted US Patent No. 7,037,504 to the company. The claims in this patent cover the composition of matter of the company's diabetes regenerative agent E1 and extend the protection of Transition's lead product E1-I.N.T. Transition's patent portfolio for diabetes regenerative therapies now expands to 10 issued patents with an extensive portfolio of patent applications pending in multiple jurisdictions throughout the world.

Two lead I.N.T. products are currently under development -- E1-I.N.T., a combination of Transition's epidermal growth factor analogue (E1) and gastrin analogue (G1), has completed two Phase I clinical trials, and is in exploratory Phase IIa clinical trials to evaluate efficacy, safety and tolerability of E1-I.N.T. in type I and type II diabetes patients; and GLP1-I.N.T., a combination of one of the leading diabetes drug candidates, Glucagon-Like-Peptide-1, with G1, which is currently in pre-clinical development.