May 24, 2006

Rhode Island-based Onset Therapeutics has launched Optase, a prescription product formulated for topical wound treatment. It is indicated to promote healing in the treatment of pressure ulcers, venous and arterial ulcers and dehiscent wounds.

Optase was developed to specifically address some of the limitations inherent in currently available wound care formulations, said the company. "Sub-optimal physical properties can reduce the therapeutic benefit of a formulation's active ingredients," noted Mark Trumbore, project manager of scientific affairs at Onset. "The physical properties of the Optase formulation were tailored to maximize the therapeutic benefit of the product,"

Optase's gel formulation acts as an effective capillary bed stimulant to promote wound healing, while serving as an occlusive barrier to protect the wound site. It permits wound visualization, minimizes wound bed disruption during application, and eliminates the need for secondary dressings, said Onset.