Ambrilia Biopharma has been notified by the U.S. Patent Office of the issuance of U.S. Patent No. 7053058 covering the sequence of PCK3145, its lead therapeutic peptide for the treatment of advanced metastatic prostate cancer, as well as 63 other related sequences.

Research conducted by Ambrilia's collaborators and scientists has revealed that PCK3145, an anticancer synthetic peptide, binds to the cell surface laminin receptor and triggers a signaling cascade of events resulting in down-regulation of MMP-9 (matrix metalloproteinase-9) expression, a gelatinase enzyme involved in breakdown of extracellular matrix which allows tumor spread. Phase I/II clinical studies have shown the peptide to be non-toxic, well-tolerated and to normalize MMP-9 levels in patients with high levels at the beginning of the study.