June 22, 2006

Michigan-based QuatRx Pharmaceuticals has licensed a portfolio of 17-beta HSD Type 1 (hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase) inhibitors and related technologies from Solvay Pharmaceuticals, headquartered in Belgium. This technology was originally developed up to the clinical candidate stage through a collaboration between Solvay and Hormos Medical a wholly-owned subsidiary of QuatRx.

Under the terms of the agreement, QuatRx will acquire all commercialization rights and will undertake, together with its Hormos subsidiary in Finland, all development responsibilities for HSD Type 1 inhibitors as potential treatments for endometriosis and for other indications in women's and men's health.

The 17-beta HSD Type 1 enzymes enhance the estrogen response in specific target tissues, such as breast and endometrium tissues, by converting the low- activity estrone to high-activity estradiol. Selective inhibition of this enzyme reduces the conversion and is considered a novel therapeutic approach with potential applications in treating diseases such as breast cancer and endometriosis, said QuatRx.