February 21, 2007

Pfizer is considering legal action to stop Ranbaxy Laboratories' marketing of generic atorvastatin in Denmark, which Ranbaxy launched last week.

"Ranbaxy's decision to launch a generic version of Lipitor in Denmark prior to the resolution of litigation on three Lipitor patents disregards normal Danish legal processes," Pfizer representative Byrant Haskins said.

The brand company had requested a preliminary injunction to block generic Lipitor in Denmark, and a ruling is expected later this month, Haskins said.

Pfizer is considering all of its legal options to address the "at-risk" launch by Ranbaxy, Haskins added.

Ranbaxy spokesman Charles Capriello said marketing generic atorvastatin in Denmark is not an at-risk launch and that the company is free and clear to market its generic version.

"No court ruling is associated with this launch. We've just introduced it and we are the only one," Capriello said.

Ranbaxy is the only firm selling generic atorvastatin in Denmark, a relatively small market with a capacity of about $30 million, Capriello said.