Metabasis Therapeutics Presents Preclinical Results of MB07811

August 20, 2007

Metabasis announced that it presented results from a preclinical study with MB07811, the company’s liver-targeted, beta-subtype-selective thyroid hormone receptor (TR beta) agonist product candidate that is currently being evaluated in a clinical trial as a treatment for hyperlipidemia.

The results presented provided evidence that in normal rats, MB07811 significantly reduced serum cholesterol at doses devoid of effects on the heart and the thyroid hormone axis, the company said.

Results in a cholesterol-fed rat model were also presented that provided further evidence of the advantages of using Metabasis' proprietary liver targeting approach. In this animal model, MB07811 treatment resulted in significant cholesterol lowering with little to no effect on other tissues as compared to nonliver-targeted TR and TR beta agonists, the company added.