JAMA Study Recommends Better Research Publication

The FDA should make unredacted results of clinical trial site inspections more readily available to the public and to readers and editors of scientific journals, to ensure transparency about tainted studies and potentially bogus drugs, an article in the February JAMA Internal Medicine says. Read More

Doctor: Risk Comparison Trials Should Pose Minimal Risk

The Office of Human Research Protections’ recent proposal to classify risk-comparison trials as “greater than minimal risk” will force physicians and patients to engage in overly burdensome informed consent processes that are out of proportion to the scope of the trials themselves, a leading bioethicist says. Read More

EMA Clarifies Reexamination Process for Pediatric Trial Plans

Drugmakers should notify the European Medicines Agency within 10 days of receiving an initial opinion on a pediatric investigation plan if they plan to request another review. The official request, due 20 days later, should include the procedure number and a detailed justification for requesting the reexamination, according to updated guidance issued Jan. 22. Read More