Inspections and Audits

OTC Antimicrobials to Require FDA-Approved Clinical Studies

Manufacturers of antibacterial soaps and body washes may be mandated by the FDA to submit clinical outcome study data on the safety and efficacy of their products, bringing them in line with the agency’s regulation of other over-the-counter medications. Read More

Year in Review: Global Transparency Initiatives Dominate Busy 2013

The push for trial data transparency — by regulators and pharma alike — kept sponsors and clinical sites on their toes in 2013. Both sides agreed that more transparency is needed, but they diverged on how to accomplish the goal. India announced new standards for ethics boards and patient compensation, while Japan’s Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Agency launched an R&D and strategy consulting arm to fine-tune the development of novel products and speed regulatory approvals. Buzz words included “personalized medicine,” “enrichment trials” and “centralized monitoring.” Use this roundup of news highlights in 2013 to plan your clinical trial strategy for the year ahead. Read More