Regulatory Affairs

Proposal Would Ban Pay-for-Delay Deals

U.S. lawmakers Wednesday introduced a bill that would prohibit patent litigation settlements in which a brand drugmaker compensates a generic drugmaker to delay sales of a competing generic drug, commonly referred to as “pay-for-delay” deals. Read More

Government to Fight Off-Label Promotions With FCA Post Caronia

Prosecutors appear ready to lean more heavily on the False Claims Act in prosecuting off-label marketing cases, sidestepping a ruling in the U.S. Second Circuit that found off-label promotion was protected free speech and not prosecutable under the 1938 FD&C Act. Read More

Pharma Whistleblowers Need Solid Proof, Appeals Court Rules

A federal appeals court has raised the bar for whistleblowers filing False Claims Act (FCA) suits against drugmakers, saying they must provide specific information about the fraudulent claims made, not just broad allegations about a drugmaker’s conduct. Read More

FDA Recommends BE Study Designs in ANDA Guidance

To correct one of the most common problems that sidetracks ANDA submissions, the FDA recommends bioequivalence studies for most drugs submitted as ANDAs should use a two-period, two-sequence, single-dose, crossover study design. Read More