Clinical Trial Risk and Performance Management Summit

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Is your organization inundated with information and unable to focus on what matters?

Are you leery about embracing a systems approach and sharing information with your partners?

Does your staff lack the analytical, critical thinking skills needed to manage risk and uncover opportunities to drive real change?

Clinical trial leaders in every biopharma company are struggling with these issues. Some are ahead of others, but few have mastered the art of turning metrics into process perfection.

Find out how to put the technological advances to work for you.

Join us at the Metrics Champion Consortium Clinical Trial Risk and Performance Management Summit to explore how industry stakeholders — sponsors, CROs, third party vendors and other clinical research professionals — are addressing these challenges. You’ll roll up your sleeves with speakers and fellow attendees as you tackle case studies that will bring clarity to the metrics process — and provide you with the answers you need.


Learning Objectives

  • Consider the impact of ICH E6(R2) on your data collection and monitoring.
  • Establish metrics to answer your organization’s key risk and performance questions.
  • Build strategies and address challenges for risk and performance management program implementations.
  • Take effective action to improve results using data analytics.


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