Secrets of Successful Quality Agreements: An FDAnews Insight Series Seminar

Published: January 2013 |  Price:  $597
In this 3-hour DVD seminar, these two veterans will take you through all the issues you’ll need to consider when you negotiate or review a quality agreement from start to finish.

Focus on GxPs: A DVD Training Toolkit for Your Most Common and Costly Manufacturing Mistakes

Published: November 2012 |  Price:  $1,997
This six-disc package includes six modules, along with leader discussion guides, that illustrate for employees six of the most common mistakes that lead to ruined batches, recalls, or worse. Each 10- to 12-minute scenario shows how and why human errors occur, and reinforces the proper way to handle each situation.

Surviving an FDA Inspection Interview

Published: September 2012 |  Price:  $595
This instructional guide and DVD creates a powerful, hour-long training event that shows employees the types of questions and tactics they’ll face during inspection, and gives them the confidence to respond correctly. Order Today.

Quality System Training DVD

Published: June 2011 |  Price:  $1,797
The FDA originally videotaped these 10 training sessions — more than eight hours’ worth — to train its own staff in quality training. Now FDAnews has brought all 10 sessions together on one convenient, affordable DVD, designed to give you the kind of high-level employee education everyone wants … with the flexibility that makes in-house training most beneficial.