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You no longer have to worry about the time wasted or the hassle of filling out FOIAsthrough the FDA for copies of Form 483s. With a membership to FDAnews’, you’ll get unlimited access to more than 1,300 Form 483s at your fingertips.
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Surviving an FDA Inspection Interview
Ever want to take your employees inside an FDA inspection interview to show them exactly what can go wrong – and how to avoid these mistakes? Now you can. This time-tested solution to one of the biggest inspection prep challenges any company faces will lead your employees through the scenarios that can take an inspection off-track – and show them the right way to handle the situations they’ll face when sitting across the interview table from the FDA.

This instructional guide and DVD creates a powerful, hour-long training event that shows employees the types of questions and tactics they’ll face during inspection, and gives them the confidence to respond correctly.
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Medical Device Complaint Management: Building a Robust System to Meet Global Requirements
March 11-12, 2014, Waltham, MA — Nothing gets you in hot water faster than a botched response to a customer complaint. You think you’ve made all the right moves, but chances are you haven’t. You need a system. You need a plan.

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