Start-Up Costs and Line-Item Pricing for Research Sites

Held July 24, 2008

Get real-time, live access to a “no surprises” budgeting system that includes onscreen tips, techniques and expert checklists with Michael Jay, vice president, RxTrials, Inc.

Long-term document storage … IRB renewals ... extra training meetings … and more!

Did you know that the average allowance for “overhead” in most per-subject budgets doesn’t cover these expenses?

Of course, that doesn’t mean these costs don’t exist. And someone has to pay for them.

So even though it’s perfectly reasonable to expect payment from the sponsor or CRO, most research sites simply absorb the added expense.

But there’s a way for you to get a handle on start-up costs and line-item pricing — once and for all — using common sense and comprehensive checklists. Here’s how ...

Order this 90-minute audio CD/Transcript and bring the experts to you. Get real-time access to today’s best budgeting practices — built on hundreds of successful clinical trial negotiations — to help you:

  • Accurately assess your start-up costs — with a “no surprises” system that uses comprehensive checklists
  • Stay in control even when unexpected costs arise midway through a study (by knowing how to prepare for them in advance)
  • Identify “cost-impacting” events that may or may not happen (and how to tell the difference) 
  • Make sure your site is reimbursed for the resources you put into a study — every time!

Every year, your research site is faced with rising operating costs, new protocols that demand more procedures per subject and additional and unexpected labor expenses. You deserve to be fairly compensated, and now you can do just that.

Order today for the webinar that delivers straightforward, successful budgeting tools you’ll use again and again. Michael Jay will walk you through these tools in this live seminar, including:

  • Start-up cost checklist that allows you to accurately calculate the expenses of launching a study
  • Per-patient budget checklist so you’ll never again overlook costs connected to SAE resolution, IRB renewals, extra training meetings and other “hidden” expenses
  • Study-closing cost worksheet to help you work up a solid cost for that final phase of your studies
  • Step-by-step methods to calculate costs to your research site
  • Real-time tips and techniques 

With so many research sites reporting ever-lower profit margins, there’s no better time to take control of your start-up costs and line-item pricing — so your site can achieve the solid performance it so richly deserves.

This audio CD/Transcript is an invaluable resource for positions in institutions, clinical research sites and physician practices, including:
  • Investigators
  • Contract managers
  • Research coordinators
  • Operations managers

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Since joining RxTrials, Inc. in 2001, Michael Jay, MA, vice president of RxTrials, Inc., has successfully negotiated and executed hundreds of clinical research contracts. He is recognized throughout the industry for his comprehensive understanding of the financial aspects of conducting clinical research. In addition, Michael advises hospitals, private practices and research sites on financial and contractual operational activities. He is a frequent guest speaker at national research conferences.

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