Successful Study Feasibility Tactics: Getting It Right Before It's Too Late

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Clinical trial sites are under more pressure than ever to succeed as sponsors are increasingly making past performance one of their top criteria. And nearly 35 percent of medical practices, hospitals and health care centers conducting clinical research consider it a key part of their business. Many are making the mistake of accepting every study that comes their way.

But you can’t accept just any trial and hope you can meet your bottom line. Your goal is a successful trial that helps save lives, increases your site’s reputation and improves profits. 

In addition, you need to ensure you meet your patient enrollment goals without breaking your budget.

Now — what if you could discover the best strategies and tactics available to conduct successful studies that meet all your goals … and achieve your patient enrollment target for each study?

Join clinical trial experts Christine Pierre and Kim Nordstrom for this exclusive 90-minute Encore presentation, and you’ll do just that!

Christine and Kim will provide the strategic and tactical tools you need for study feasibility and recruitment programs to help improve your operation, strengthen your bottom line and build your site’s reputation.

From stakeholders to site managers and everyone in between, this audioconference will help you guarantee your site will enjoy the success each person involved expects.

Gain the confidence you need to conduct effective studies and employ successful recruitment techniques.

Sign up your entire team to listen in and:

  • Participate in an online survey to benchmark your current study feasibility  performance;
  • Share current practices and discuss what methods are used to decide which studies to take or leave;
  • Receive a tried-and-true study feasibility form to create a starting point for the decisionmaking process; and
  • Learn the value of a post-study evaluation worksheet. How did your site perform on your completed study? Did you make the right decision?

Get the advice to you need to conduct successful trials, strengthen your bottom line and be recognized and respected industrywide. Register now and you'll get an opportunity to ask your toughest questions during the Q&A session.

This presentation is a must for anyone responsible for making sure their clinical research site runs profitably, including:

  • Principal investigators
  • Research site managers/directors
  • Clinical research coordinators
  • Recruitment coordinators

Christine Pierre is the founder and president of RxTrials, Inc., a network of independent inpatient and outpatient clinical research sites. Christine also is the founder and president of RxTrials Institute, a unique educational organization that provides both public and customized clinical research site management, marketing and business development courses for the clinical research team. She has been the co-investigator and principal investigator of numerous clinical trials and is the immediate past chair of the Association for Clinical Research Professionals.

Kimberlly Nordstrom is a regulatory and compliance specialist for RxTrials, Inc. She conducts in-house compliance reviews for all RxTrials sites and for clients outside of the RxTrials network upon request. She also assists with the development and implementation of study volunteer recruitment and retention. Kim has dedicated more than 20 years to the medical field, with 10 years as a US Army medical specialist and 14 years in medical research. Before joining RxTrials, Kim was a CCRC for five years and was involved in the coordination, contract negotiation and budgets for all clinical research studies at her site.

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