Protecting Sensitive Information in Drug and Biotech Companies: Three Case Studies Licensing, Alliance Management, Regulatory Filings

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Drug and biotech firms stand to lose billions as patents expire. You’ve got to refill the pipeline and cut costs, fast. Outsourcing, partnering and licensing can be the answer — unless you lose control of your intellectual property in the process.

And unfortunately, that’s easy to do … A CRO or regulatory consultant forgets to secure your sensitive data. Potential partners retain your discovery and clinical trial information even though you don’t end up choosing them as your licensee. Your own IT team thinks documents are safe behind a firewall.

Bottom line: you’ve got to rethink “business as usual” before sensitive information is out there for all to see.

Here’s where to start …

Outsource and collaborate — without risking your IP!

Licensing, alliance management, regulatory filings —
Learn how to protect sensitive information every step of the way

With economic pressures forcing you to share IP in all-new ways with all-new partners, you’ve got to implement all-new protections in terms of IT security and business practices associated with everything from R&D to licensing. In this 90-minute Encore presentation, information security experts Kate Haynes and Oliver Gajek use a case-study approach to help you reap the time and cost savings of collaboration and electronic document sharing — without losing control over confidential information.

In three real-world case studies, you’ll gain ready-to-use insights on the methods drug and biologic firms used successfully to protect sensitive information during licensing, alliance management and regulatory filings.

Sign up your entire team to apply these valuable “lessons learned” to keep your data accessible and secure, including:

  • How to troubleshoot four common vulnerabilities that put drug and biologic firms at risk for losing IP and clinical data
  • Why firewalls and traditional security measures fail companies like yours — and what your IT department must know now
  • How to keep the three top common misconceptions from opening potentially devastating information security “holes” during outsourcing, collaboration and working with consultants
  • How to use Enterprise Right Management Software to ensure that security and access controls “travel” right along with your sensitive documents
  • How to create virtual data rooms to give executive management tight control over highly sensitive materials
  • Three cases studies including drug licensing, alliance management and a regulatory filing — where sensitive information was protected and the methods used

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This presentation is a must for positions in drug and biologics companies, including:
  • Executive management
  • IT professionals
  • Medical affairs
  • Regulatory/legislative affairs professionals
  • General/corporate counsel
  • QA/QC staff

Kate Haynes manages a North American life sciences practice at Brainloop Inc. She is responsible for developing relationships with Brainloop's biotech and pharmaceutical customers, delivering customer service, and mapping the security and collaboration needs of those customers to Brainloop’s solutions. Prior to joining Brainloop, Kate spent several years at Forrester Research working within Forrester's strategic accounts group serving many of the largest global media, retail and healthcare companies. Additionally, she spent time growing relationships with Forrester's high tech clients who were seeking advisory services for strategic growth planning.

Oliver Gajek is co-founder and head of corporate strategy at Brainloop AG. Prior to co-founding Brainloop, Oliver was responsible for European sales at electronic commerce pioneers Commerce One, Actra Business Systems and Netscape Communications. Previously, Oliver spent ten years in various technology functions at Siemens AG. With over 25 years of experience in information technology and information security, Oliver is a regular speaker at international conferences on information security, Software as a Service, and high-tech entrepreneurship. Oliver serves on the board of Munich Network, a non-profit organization supporting the rapid growth of high technology companies.

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