Medical Device Social Media Advertising Strategies for Success

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Google, Twitter and YouTube promise new paths to device marketing success. But woe to the company that takes the plunge heedless of FDA concerns. Read on ...

Social media offers powerful new ways to communicate the benefits of your medical devices. But look before you leap. The FDA is watching your every move.

From Google AdWords, Twitter and YouTube ... to blogs, chat rooms, webcasts and podcasts ... search engine marketing and more ... anyone using these tools today is breaking ground. And now, a GE manager takes time away from the firing line to fill you in on what she has learned.

Tracey Fox, a regulatory affairs manager, has led GE Healthcare’s development of its Global Advertising and Promotion Procedure. She will show how to negotiate your way to social media marketing success ― no GPS necessary. You’ll discover:

  • The regulations: What U.S. and international regulations say, and what you must do (and avoid doing) to remain in compliance
  • The tools: Which social media work best for which applications, and how device firms are using them to greatest advantage
  • The risks: How to evaluate each social media tool, and decide if benefits of using it outweigh risks of FDA disapproval
  • The reference materials: Which ones to rely on, where to find them and how to use them
  • The case studies: What to watch out for when using social media to promote medical devices
  • The success strategies: A review of social media advertising that can work, complete with numbers and statistics
  • The FDA: What previous enforcement actions say about how the FDA will view your social media marketing efforts

With the FDA holding its first-ever public meeting on social media Nov. 12-13, timing couldn’t be better. Unable to attend the FDA meeting? Not to worry. Tracey will recap the highlights and fine points.

And because this seminar is web-based and interactive, you’re guaranteed to get answers to all your questions before the 90-minute session draws to a close.

Advertising and marketing cut across many company departments and functions. Dozens in your company may wish to attend. That’s no problem either. As many personnel may log on as you like ― for one low registration fee. The only condition: All must be at the same company location.

  • Regulatory affairs managers and staff
  • Risk management specialists
  • Sales and marketing personnel
  • Compliance officers
  • Executive management
  • General/corporate counsel

Tracey Fox, regulatory affairs manager at GE Healthcare, has led development of the Global Advertising and Promotion Procedure at her company. She has an extensive background in quality and regulatory affairs, with qualifications including Six Sigma Master Blackbelt, Lead Quality System Auditor, Certified Quality Engineer, and U.S. Regulatory Affairs Certification (RAC).

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