Social Media Strategies for Drug & Device Companies Practical Tips and Tools to Use in the Absence of FDA Guidance


Held Sept. 29, 2011

Facebook and Twitter. They ought to represent the marketing breakthrough of the new century. But so far, they’re techniques that could cause you trouble.

While there has been lots of talk, the FDA has failed to issue guidance, leaving drug- and devicemakers in the dark — and vulnerable to sanctions.

With surveys showing 60% of Americans turn first to the Internet when seeking health information, is there a safe way to get your message out via social media?

The answer is yes — when you know what you’re doing.

Clear your calendar for Thursday, Sept. 29 and plan to spend the day near a computer screen. It’s the marketing event of the year, a Virtual Social Media Conference sponsored by FDAnews featuring top experts in marketing, advertising, technology, regulation and law.

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Washington comes to YOU

You’ll discover the DDMAC’s latest thinking on issuance of that long-awaited social media guidance — the issues, the hang-ups, the politics and, most important, the likely timeline.

You’ll pick up pointers on selling social media to your bosses — arguments that convince decisionmakers on the potential rewards of these new advertising and marketing channels.

Small and mid-sized drug and device companies will gain from successes of the big boys, with case studies of AstraZeneca’s tweet chats and Eli Lilly’s “Lillypad” blog.

Lack a clue on how to measure the impact of social media campaigns? Learn how to identify definable points for scoring the victories and the flops, and put numbers to intangibles such as user comments.

What about that hack of Pfizer’s Facebook page? Could it happen to you? We’ve scheduled an entire panel on moderating Facebook pages for adverse events and maintaining page security. In it, you’ll discover how to keep Facebook discussions rolling while complying with AER requirements ... distinguish between mere dissatisfaction and actual adverse events ... and much more.

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Who Will Benefit

Every marketing, advertising and communications specialist in your organization is a candidate to participate in this Virtual Conference. So are general and outside counsel, regulatory and compliance staff, and top management, too. You’ll even want to notify the folks you work with at ad, marketing and tech/IT consulting firms. Spread the word!