LMS Based eLearning Solution - Focus on GxPs

March 2013
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Imagine you could look over the shoulders of your company’s employees. Just as they are about to make a mistake, you whisper the right decision in their ear:

  • Follow the SOPs
  • Make time to explain yourself
  • Don’t sign off on something you haven’t witnessed
  • Slow down, don’t rush

The fact is, you can’t be on the manufacturing floor, in the labs or control rooms where people face the decisions that will test their training. But you can give them the reinforcement they need to make the right decisions with this six-lesson eLearning package.

This course package includes six video modules that illustrate six of the most common mistakes that lead to ruined batches, recalls, or worse. Each 10- to 12-minute scenario shows how and why human errors occur, and reinforces the proper way to handle each situation.

The Focus on GxPs course package operates in your own eLearning system. That means your employees can log in and learn where and when it’s convenient for them, and at their own pace. And you’ll have the reassurance of knowing that they’ve learned and mastered everything provided because each employee is tested at the end of each session. The following lessons are included in the package:

Lesson 1 – Focus is Key: In Focus is Key, we see a distracted employee connecting a line to the wrong vessel inlet connection. The result: a million-dollar loss of product all because he didn’t focus on the job at hand. During another transfer we see the employee rewarded by completing the job successfully.

Lesson 2 – Failure to Communicate: In A Failure to Communicate, a shift change creates confusion and miscommunication when a supervisor forgets to focus on what he needs to know to schedule production runs in order to meet a filling schedule. This video reminds people to communicate during shift changes.

Lesson 3 – Check and Double Check:  In Check and Double Check, two employees get distracted as they're taking a pH reading. They sign off on a batch production record that shows the pH is out of specification. The solution: focus on the job at hand and sum up the job to ensure that it was completed the way it was intended.

Lesson 4 – Correct It or Report It:  In Correct It or Report It, a headband snaps off a face shield and ends up contaminating a batch of product. A number of employees spot the problem but don't do anything about it. No one wants to be the bearer of bad news and slow down production. Besides, "the next person will handle it." The result? A loss of six runs of product.

Lesson 5 – Something’s Gotta Give: In Something’s Gotta Give, we see Rasheed, a laboratory technician, persuade John, another lab tech, to abandon his SOP training and shortcut a laboratory procedure. The result is a failed assay and a loss of time in product disposition.

Lesson 6 – Control Room? This presentation shows us an out-of-control control room with people coming and going, asking for information, informing Matthew, the operator, of tests and work going on in his area.  When an alarm goes off, Matthew thinks he has it covered — but he doesn’t and a batch is lost.  Later, we see the scene replayed — this time with Matthew focusing on his job and doing things correctly.

Focus on GxPs – eLearning edition will be delivered to you on disc in one of three formats. Please choose the one that’s best for you:

Available Formats

CD (The program is set to run directly off the provided CD.)

Web (The program is set to load onto your company intranet/internet.)

LMS (The program is set to run in your learning management system.)

Note: If you choose the LMS option, our customer service representative will contact you for some specific information regarding:

What LMS platform do you need the program provided in?

  • Scorm 2004
  • Scorm 1.2
  • AICC

How would you like the completion status set?

  • Passed/Incomplete
  • Passed/Failed
  • Completed/Incomplete
  • Completed/Failed

What is your assessment pass percentage?

  • 70 percent
  • 80 percent
  • 90 percent
  • 100 percent