Introduction to GMPs

LMS eLearning Edition - Introduction to GMP

June 2013
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In the pharmaceutical industry, the volume of unfamiliar concepts and phrases that employees will encounter is staggering. And unfortunately you can’t wait for workers to soak up the new language of the workplace over time.

You need trained employees from day one. But where do you begin?

Introduction to GMP is the perfect first step.

This 42-minute eLearning program will teach new employees the basic concepts they need to understand GMP compliance. It’s designed to explain all those new phrases that they’ve never heard of before, and detail exactly how those terms are used in the pharmaceutical industry.

It includes 10 short courses that take the sting out of trying to master this mountain of new material, with the following sessions:

  • Part 1: Introduction — Why GMP?
  • Part 2: GMP & Regulatory Agencies
  • Part 3: Quality Assurance & Quality Control
  • Part 4: Validation
  • Part 5: Documentation & Change Control
  • Part 6: The Environment, Equipment & Maintenance
  • Part 7: Contamination & Cleaning
  • Part 8: Logistics, Materials Handling & Distribution
  • Part 9: Packaging & Labeling
  • Part 10: GMP, People & Training
  • Review

And after each session, students are presented with a short quiz to ensure that they’ve retained what they’ve seen and to document their participation in the training.

In clear and precise language, reinforced by lively video, Introduction to GMP provides a non-threatening, self-paced overview of the topics your employees need to master before they can jump into their jobs on the manufacturing floor.

The program will operate seamlessly with your existing eLearning program or as a stand-alone program.

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